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I was born in 1983 in Paberžė, a small village close to Vilnius (Lithuania). In 2007, I obtained my Master degree in Statistics, with a specialization in Econometrics from Vilnius University. Later, I continued my study at Tilburg University, where I obtained another Master degree in Economics (Macro), and in September 2012 I defended my PhD thesis on the topic "Pensions and Ageing in a Globalizing World" under the supervision of prof. Lex Meijdam and dr. Bas van Groezen. My research interests include macroeconomics of pensions and ageing, optimal taxation, a link between demographic factors and International Economics. In Statistics, my research interests include discrete choice models and methods for heavy-tailed data analysis.


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igfe1632, i1632

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igfe1632, i1632, Verona
igfe1632, i1632, Verona